Frequently asked questions

Don't know much about detailing thats okay we are here to educate you and help you under stand the do's and don't of proper car care. we also answer many question about our service and products and what they can do for you and your vehicle. 
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    What is a coating? How does it benefit me?


    Glad you asked a Coating is applied after a vehicle has been paint corrected to seal or lock in that perfect paint. A coating, if done right will provide a hardened surface almost like another clear coat. This coating will reduce swirls by 70% and also introduces hydrophobic properties for years unlike wax that doesn’t last as long. It provides easier cleaning, drying, reduced marring, and chemical resistance 9H hardness.
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    What is the paint correction?


    Paint correction is the art of removing swirls and scratches from a vehicles paint. It can be as simple as a single step correction or a multi-step process that takes hours of work, the right tools and a skilled detailer to achieve the right results. (80-95% perfection)
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    What is a new car protection plan?


    This package takes a newer car and lets us remove factory installed swirls while they are still easy to remove or becomes worse. We decon the paint and coat the vehicle, including rims and paint, and UV protecting the inside while still fresh.
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    What is decontamination, or decon for short?


    Decon is removing industry fallout from a vehicles paint before any polishing, compounding or protection goes on a vehicle. Decon is performed using clay bars or chemical cleaners that clean the paint in a chemical way. Deconing will prolong the life of any wax or sealants and is a must for coatings to provide the best surface bondage.
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    What does wax actually do?


    WAX is a form of protection!!!! not a repair all. Wax is the lowest grade of protection. It's made of mostly from carnauba which comes from leaves of a palm Copernican Prunifera. Wax normally last 6-8 weeks, has minor scratch fillers (will HIDE scratches not repair them) Wax is a film based protection and does not bond to the surface just layers it.
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    Does your car just need a wax?


    The most people who think of car detailing think of a wash and wax is detailing a car which it's not, it's just an option. Most people contact me asking me about prices saying their car just needs a good waxing, but it needs much more. If you're trying to get rid of imperfections or scratches wax is not for you. If you want your car very glossy and protected wax is for you

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