Welcome to a New Generation of Car Care, Ceramic Coatings

  What is a Ceramic Coating you ask? A ceramic coating provides years not months of protection. It also provides a glass like coating over your vehicle that provides improved scratch resistant and 9H hardness. It also makes the vehicle super hydrophobic and slick dirt just doesn't stick!  Also did I mention, the gloss level is AMAZING!
ExoV3 as been released 1/1/2017. Exo now offers 7h hardness and now last 2 years! Exo can still be layered over any gtechniq coatings.
EXO v2 VS EXO v3
Same great gloss as EXO v2
Same great slickness as EXO v2
Beading on par with EXO v2
Great durability particularly on high road grime areas such as the sill areas.
Thickness (microns) - EXO v2 (0.5), EXO v3 (0.5)
Pencil hardness - EXO v2 (2h), EXO v3 (7h)
Contact angle - EXO v2 (115-125 degrees), EXO v3 (110-120 degrees)
Temp resistance - EXO v2 (150C), EXO v3 (>130C)
Chemical resistance (ph) - EXO v2 (4-10), EXO v3 (3-13)
Typical durability - EXO v2 (18 months), EXO v3 (24 months)
 Our main line of coatings are Gtechniq.We have several different coatings for every need.
We have coatings for
and interior surfaces as well Make your carpets Spill Proof!

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Gtechniq EXOv3

Gtechniq C1+C2 or C1+EXO

Cystal Serum Light(CSL)

 This coating is our entry- level coating EXO will last anywhere from 12-24 months but does fade in time, but still hardens to a glass, like our other coatings. This promote easy cleaning, amazing gloss and hydrophobic properties. The car must be at least polished to apply the coating. 7H hardness
*EXO can be layered on top of our other gtechniq coatings such as C1 or CSL
Car$90 Truck/Suv-$120
Our base level glass coating. C1 hardens at 7H and last 3 years. C1 reduces swirling and Scratches by 50% and is topped with our C2 for hydrophobic properties. Upgrade to C1+EXO for even more protection.
C1+EXO -$225
Crystal Serum Light is our top of the line coating that hardens to 9H. CSL last 3+ years. Best possible swirl mark and chemical resistance from DNA Detailing. CSL is a great stand alone coating, it can be topped with EXO, but not required. See chart below for ratings.
Layer exo on top-$295
Layer EXO on top-$345

Gtechniq Rim Coatings C5

Gtechniq Trim Coating C4

Gtechniq Glass Coating G1

Have aftermarket rims or even nice OEM rims and hate them being covered in brake dust, not any more. Gtechniq C5 makes rims easy to clean and brake dust to fall off. This coating is good for one year! Rims are washed, deconed, iron-x and IPA before coating is applied.
Face and lip of rim(4)-$85
Whole rims (wheels must be off)-$150 at the most
Protect the trim on you vehicle from fading with our C4 for up to two years. This keeps trim dark and heathy like its supposed to.
Small amounts of trim will be added to a coating package.
Large amount of trim will need a quote.
Protect your glass from rain, sleet, ice, snow and other contaminants!
Bonds to your glass to create a durable protective coating.
Protection that last  up to 2 years!
This will remove water spots on glass
Polish all glass and apply G1-$75
Any more then 4 windows is $5 every extra window.

Fabric Coat I1 On All Carpets

Gtechniq Fabric Coat I1 or Leather Coat L1 On Seats 

Bundle and SAVE, 20% off when you coat two or more surfaces.

Protects carpets, fabrics and more from staining by repelling liquids!
Makes maintaining fabrics significantly easier when protected
6 to 18 months durability
*surface must be 100% clean and stain free before appied*
Protects carpets, fabrics and more from staining by repelling liquids!
Makes maintaining fabrics significantly easier when protected
Protects leather from stains and wear!
Very durable protection that preserves leather and vinyl seats
6 to 18 months durability
Helps prevent that dreaded dye transfer
*surface must be 100% clean and stain free before applied*